We Won Our Union!!!!




Improving the Caltech Experience

As Postdocs and Graduate Researchers at Caltech, we drive the research that makes Caltech a world-renowned institution. We are dedicated to and excited by our work in diverse fields across the frontiers of science and engineering. However, Caltech does not adequately support and protect its early-career researchers. We lack strong protections from discrimination and abusive conduct, while also struggling with the high cost of housing and health care.

We are coming together to form a union, Caltech Grad Researchers and Postdocs United-UAW, and collectively bargain with the Caltech administration. With a union we can democratically elect a bargaining team of our peers, negotiate with administration, and then vote to ratify a union contract. Crucially, the benefits and protections won through a union contract are legally enforceable. Beyond contract negotiations, joining over 100,000 other academic employees who are already part of UAW will give us a powerful platform to advocate for other priorities like increased research funding, fair visa and immigration policies in the US, Title IX reform, and more.

“With our union behind us, we can make sure that no one is left fending for themselves against abuse, harassment, and economic vulnerability.”

Ashay Patel

Graduate Student Researcher, Physics

“We are forming a union because there is nothing like collective power to stand up for our rights and to build a safe and inclusive environment to make the best of our potential!”

Elisabetta Benazzi

Postdoc, Chemistry