Graduate Student and Postdoc Workers Share Goals for a Better Workplace as Union Bargaining Begins

As bargaining begins, we hope administrators bargain in good faith, taking the time to listen to their workers’ concerns and earnestly develop solutions. We are optimistic that by coming together as friends and colleagues and staying informed and engaged, graduate student and postdoc workers can negotiate a union contract which sets a new standard in academic work.”

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Researchers who don’t need to worry about affording rent, accessing healthcare, or being harassed can more effectively expand the boundaries of knowledge and teach the next generation. It is our firm conviction that unionization is in the best interests not only of graduate students and postdocs, but of Caltech and science as a whole.”

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We have done our homework and made the decision that forming a union is necessary to ensure that we and future scholars at Caltech are best positioned to make discoveries that can positively change our world.”

Caltech's Postdocs and Grad Workers Seek Union Recognition

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Forming a union is the best way for Caltech’s graduate students to protect the improvements granted by the administration only after the unionization effort surfaced; to fight for stipends and benefits that keep pace with inflation and the rising cost of living; and to address workplace harassment and abuse.”

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“Along with unionization efforts across the country, Caltech grad students and postdocs gathered this day to illustrate their belief in democratizing their workplaces.”