Bargaining Team

Tessa Rusch

I’m Tessa Rusch (she/her), a postdoctoral researcher in the Humanities and Social Sciences. My research focuses on understanding the cognitive processes that underpin social learning and decision-making.

Varun Wadia

Hi! I am a visiting postdoctoral scholar in Humanities and Social Sciences at Caltech. My research is focused on understanding how visually responsive neurons subserve visual imagery. In my free time I enjoy playing or listening to music, reading in the sun, working out, and hanging out with my friends. I use he/him pronouns.

Jessica Spake

Hi! I’m Jessica Spake (she/her), a British postdoctoral fellow in Planetary Science (GPS). I study how planets around other stars lose their atmospheres. On weekends I’m a volunteer tutor for kids who’ve been homeless, and also a rookie triathlete and dungeons and dragons player.

Patrick Meyers

I’m Pat Meyers [he/him], I’m a postdoc in PMA. I work on detecting gravitational waves using laser interferometers like LIGO and long-duration observations of pulsars that emit radio waves. Outside of work, I like to run, swim, read, and wander around Pasadena.

Jessica Griffiths

I’m Jessica Griffiths (she/her), a postdoctoral researcher in BBE. I study bidirectional interactions between the gut microbiome and host nervous systems. In my free time I enjoy doing science outreach, going on long walks with my dog, and crossword puzzles.

David Abramovitch

I’m David Abramovitch (he/him), a G3 in Applied Physics. I study electron-lattice interactions in materials with entangled electrons using theory and computation. In CGPU, I’ve been most involved with talking to colleagues in EAS, health and disability related issues, and written communications. In my free time, I enjoy reading, calisthenics, and exploring cities.

Emma Lenz

I’m Emma Lenz (she/her), a G3 in Aerospace Engineering (GALCIT). I study turbulence using computational methods, particularly graph theory. In addition to CGPU, I support my community through my involvement in the GALCIT GSC and the Women in GALCIT group. In my free time, I enjoy playing harp, gardening, listening to audiobooks, and hanging out with my cats.

Michael Greklek-McKeon

I’m Mike (he/him), I’m a graduate student worker in planetary science. I use ground and space-based telescopes to study the interior compositions and atmospheres of Earth-sized planets outside our solar system. I also enjoy planning social events through the GSC social committee, volunteering with the GPS outreach program GO-Outdoors, and SCUBA diving anywhere and everywhere.

Ruolin Deng

I’m Ruolin (he/him). I am an international graduate student from China, studying the accretion of cosmic dust by Earth through both chemical analysis and modeling. I have been mostly involved in CGPU communications. Outside of work, I love gaining calories from good food and burning calories in sports. I also love playing with my cats.

James Williams

I’m James (he/him), I’m a G4 in electrical engineering, and I study ultrafast nonlinear photonics. I’m part of the EE Local Student Committee and Optica Student Chapter where I organize social events and a seminar series for students to present their work. I’m also on the EAS Graduate Advisory Board. 

Matthew Langley

I’m Matthew (he/him), a Canadian international graduate student in biology studying many-to-many cellular signaling systems. Outside of labwork and organizing, I love teaching, sustainability, indie bookstores, and gardening.

Nadia Suryawinata

Hi, I’m Nadia (she/her). I am an Indonesian international graduate student worker in Biology, studying how we can improve antidepressant function through modification of the gut microbiome. When not union organizing or doing research, I enjoy climbing, knitting and cooking.

Korbi Thalhammer

My name is Korbi (he/him). In the lab, I study unique metabolisms driven by microbial metabolites found in the environment. Whenever I can find the time, I enjoy reading literature or taking photos outside.

Simona Miller

Hi everyone, I’m Simona (they/them). I’m a PhD student in the LIGO Lab studying gravitational waves from merging and spinning binary black holes. Outside of union organizing and grad school, you can find me rock climbing, line dancing, or checking out more books than I can possibly read at the library. 

Quinn Morgan

Hi all! My name is Joshua ‘Quinn’ Morgan (he/they), and I am a G3 in the Applied Physics department. I study fundamental plasma physics, with a specific focus on plasma emissions in the visible and X-ray spectra. Outside of graduate research and organizing, I love to play progressive metal and jazz, write short stories, read, and play souls games!

Sam Ponnada

I’m Sam (he/they), a graduate student worker in Astrophysics. My work is primarily computational and theoretical and focuses on the non-thermal physics of magnetic fields and cosmic rays in galaxies. In my free time, I enjoy reading, climbing, watching documentary film, and volunteering in various community organizing efforts.