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Caltech administration wants to undercut our new timely and enforceable grievance process. They proposed during our last bargaining session that, unlike at other universities, GSWs and Postdocs should not have the choice of seeking prompt, interim support or a parallel process to Title IX, despite knowing: recent cases have lasted up to 14 months and 16 months.

GSWs and Postdocs are speaking up
Below are just a few experiences and stories from different labs that colleagues shared to show administration that our campus needs real change.

My previous PI would harshly yell at me when ordering directives for my research, and said that if I tried to move to another group at Caltech, they would try to sabotage me. This PI would also abuse others in our group, regularly calling one “stupid” and discriminating against another on the basis of their visa.– a GSW in PMA

My advisor tried to bully me into accepting significant changes that I disagreed with scientifically for my first author paper. When I tried to engage him in scientific discussion on the disagreements, he was unwilling, indirectly insulted me, and tried to pressure me into accepting his version. He even put me down in emails with coauthors and shared his version as final without my consent.– a GSW in EAS

There is a PI in my wider research group who is well known for bullying postdocs, GSWs, undergrads, and even SURF students. This includes shouting at them in meetings, intimidation, and unreasonable pressure to work very long hours. This behavior goes unchecked, especially by the other PIsdespite everyone knowing that it happens often. A proper grievance process would allow us to finally address this issue.– a Postdoc in PMA

Title IX is not enough
Caltech GSWs and Postdocs lack a resolution process that keeps up with new industry standards. In an election year, the uncertainty in immigration and Title IX policy for the next four years means that we not only want to win enforceable rights, but to also win them swiftly. That requires support, effort, and critically, presence from every GSW and Postdoc, because: We Keep Us Safe.

Every single story counts to pressure the administration to come back to the bargaining table with a reasonable proposal. Share your story here and show up on July 19th, 12-1pm on Parsons-Gates lawn to fight for a better Caltech.

See you there,
Ruolin Deng, GPS

Any questions, comments, and concerns can be sent to Track bargaining progress and read copies of all tentative agreements on our bargaining portal.