I’m emailing today to let you know about some important next steps, including the dates for nominating and electing a bargaining team that were collectively decided on during yesterday’s town hall.

First, thank you to everyone who attended the first post-election town hall! Grads across campus discussed next steps in the campaign, including the timeline for electing a grad bargaining team of 11 members to represent us in negotiations with Caltech. Please review the attached bargaining team election procedure here for full details, but key upcoming dates include:

  • March 18 – March 27: Bargaining Team nominations open. Nominees will submit 250 word personal statements, which will be available to all grads to read from March 28 until the bargaining team elections. 

  • March 28 – April 3: Bargaining Team candidates can campaign. Candidates cannot use C/GPU-UAW or Caltech resources to campaign, but should be reachable on campus, (personal) zoom, phone, or email.

  • April 4 – April 5: Bargaining Team elections. Voting will take place online, and will be done through a selection of 11 bargaining team members from the list of folks running.

A group of grads and postdocs are meeting later this week to start drafting our initial bargaining demands: a set of broad demands based on countless conversations between grads and postdocs as well as surveys. Note: these initial bargaining demands are not the initial proposals to administration, but a demonstration of power and unity around the bargaining topics. If you haven’t yet filled out the bargaining survey yet, make sure to do so! If you’d like to help write these demands, reply back to this email. Otherwise, to help win a strong first contract, click this.